Here's what our patients had to say:

I am not sure if you read this messages, but I want to greet you from Puerto Rico. I am really glad I could find you in the social media, since i have been talking with friends about wisdom teeth. I have an elephant's memory, so I could remember your last name and how well you treated me when I was your patient. I am glad to hear that you are doing very good in your country as a dental surgeon. That was in 1996 so you can imagine how much time has passed. I was just 21 years old. I wish you continue to have the best of success. A hug and lots of blessings.

From Puerto Rico

Thank you Dr Dittle and staff! Your services were extraordinary! Any future dental work I need done I will be back to see you! (Hopefully you will come visit me in the Virgin Islands before I need to come back and see you😁) Thank you for the wonderful care given, and making a terrifying situation for me a good experience! ❤☺

Beth Swazey

Shannon had her Panorex last week in the U.S. and her dentist liked what he saw. Personally, I think he was at a loss for words. No two quarterbacks are alike, but we are definitely with team iSmile. We are so glad you are there for us.

Rafael & Shannon Gayol

Thanks to you and everyone that cared for my wife while having been in your care! I expect to see all you in about six months as I plan to accompany Rosa for her follow up appointment.

Rosa and Armand Marquis

My daughter Natalia struggled with the process of moving her right canine and premolar, so we took a panoramic x-ray which revealed that she had a cyst in the right maxillary bone. I contacted Dr. Dittel and sent the panoramic x-ray via email and he confirmed the diagnosis. We proceeded to travel for the appointed surgery, and then we continued with the recommended treatment which included bone and gum grafts. Thankfully, Dr. Dittel had placed the implants to replace the two teeth and the results were exceptional.

Marcela Morales

Well, simply put, Dr. Dittel was just GREAT! I was very fortunate to find a calming, caring, knowledgeable, professional and SUPER dentist. The doctors treat their patients with courteousness and kindness as they treat their staff. It was very notable and human to see the respect, warmth and kindness shown in the work place to staff and patients.

Lester Lamar Bennett, III