General Questions

1How much can I save by having my dental care at iSmile?
It depends on the procedure or procedures you have. Most international patients claim savings that range from 50% to 80%. We’d be happy to give you an estimate.
2Doesn’t the cost of the trip cancel out the savings I get?
In general, even when you take into account the cost of the plane ticket, the hotel, and the meals, people still end up saving money. Some people end up spending a bit more because they take advantage of the trip to stay in a great hotel and enjoy a week or two of vacation in Costa Rica enjoying the beautiful colonial architecture, many natural attractions and stunning beaches.
3Which location should I go to, Cartago or Liberia?
Your dental care should be your first priority. We are more than happy to help you select one of our clinics based on the treatment you’re looking for. Otherwise, it depends on the length and scope of your trip. For example, if you want to visit Costa Rica’s famous beaches and the dentist doesn’t see a problem with it, the obvious choice is Liberia.
4How do I get to your offices?
The easiest way is to fly into the international airports of San Jose or Liberia. Our staff will be more than glad to pick you up at the airport and drive you to your hotel.

Travel and Insurance

1What documents do I need to visit Costa Rica?
A valid passport and a return flight ticket. The return ticket doesn’t necessarily have to go to the United States. It can be to another country. Visitors from the United States, Canada, and Europe do not need to obtain a visa in advance.
2Can the procedures in Costa Rica be covered by my dental insurance?
That greatly depends on the specific insurance policy that you have. If a policy does cover dental care in Costa Rica, it typically means that you have to pay it from your own pocket and file a claim for reimbursement later. Talk to your dental insurance provider for more specific information.
3Where can I stay while in Costa Rica?
We have alliances with several hotels that are convenient to our clinics and catering to a wide range of budgets. We can recommend one or more based on your needs. Members of our staff have visited every hotel we recommend to ensure that they are comfortable, clean, pleasant-looking and safe. The high-end luxurious hotels have impressive swimming pools, restaurants, and spas, in case you want to make your dental trip part of an amazing vacation.
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