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December 23, 2015
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Do Americans Have Worse Teeth Than Brits?

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The stereotype that English people have crooked, yellow, terrible teeth has been played out for decades in television and movies.

However, a new study comically dubbed “Austin Powers Bites Back“ found that contrary to popular belief, the joke is on Americans. And by ‘joke,’ we mean the depressing realities of dental care in an age of record inequality.

“The oral health of U.S. citizens is not better than the English, and there are consistently wider educational and income oral health inequalities in the U.S. compared with England,” the researchers wrote in their conclusion.

For the study, which was published in the British Medical Journal‘s Christmas issue, researchers from University College London, the National University of Colombia, and the Harvard School of Public Health looked at dental data for thousands of men and women age 25 and over in both countries. They found the mean number of missing teeth was “significantly higher” in the United States than in England — 7.31 teeth compared to 6.97.

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