Crowns & Bridges
April 11, 2018

All-on-4 or All-on-6

All on 4 or All on 6

If you are considering or use dentures , we recomend you to consider a full mouth restoration using a fixed denture using an all on 4/all on 6/all on 8 procedure.

Two visits are required but the final treatment is a hybrid Zirconium prosthesis that looks as natural as your teeth at 20 but the most important thing is that it works like your normal dentition.

Dr. Dittel

During the first visit, the maxillofacial surgeon will evaluate your mouth, take x-rays, and evaluate if you are a candidate for an all-on-four or related solution. In the second visit, the fixed denture will be anchored to the implants for a permanent solution. Please note that the procedure and number of visits may vary from patient to patient.


This solution is used on patients who may have less available jawbone. Four implants still provide enough stability and strength to support a fixed dental bridge for a lifetime. While the fixed denture or bridge might be slightly shorter, it does not reduce quality or reliability. Today, the all on 4 is the most recommended dental implant solution for this patients.


This solution uses six dental implants. It is used on patients that don’t have perfect jawbones, but with sufficient bone to support six implants. It also shares a characteristic with the All-on-8 solution: a bridge in the form of an arch that is used to support the artificial teeth.