Payment Policy

At iSmile, we do not ask for an advance deposit, but we do require that payment for dental services is made before starting any dental procedure.

Finance your dental care in Costa Rica


Ismile recommend you dental financing programs for patients with good credit and patients with "not so good" credit. This options of financing resource provide you the very best options available for financing you dental care in Costa Rica. Flexible terms and competitive interest rates insure that you will receive financing that meets your financial objectives.

Visit the websites for more information and apply today and secure financing for your dental care in Costa Rica.


For Patients with "Not so Good" Credit:

For Patients with

For Patients with Good Credit:

For Patients with Good Credit:

Cash Payments

  • Cash payments in US dollars or Costa Rican colones are preferred. Our low pricing is based on cash payment. Please review your currency prior to coming to Costa Rica. Do not bring torn or very worn bills (Costa Rica banks will not accept damaged or worn bills.)
  • Costa Rica requires you to report if you are bringing more than $10,000 into Costa Rica. To avoid any complications, we advise you to bring less than $10,000 in cash.
  • ATM machines are readily available in Costa Rica. The limit is $400/day and they charge $3 for each transaction. Your bank can tell you if or what they charge on their end, but it’s usually $2 to $5.

  • Credit Cards

  • We accept all major credit or debit cards.
  • In order to avoid delays and complications in scheduling, if you are paying by credit/debit card, please remember to call your bank before you come to let them know you will be traveling out of the country and to not block purchases.

  • Other Payment Options

  • We accept wire transfers (ask us for bank routing instructions)
  • If you wish to pay in advance by wire transfer, please allow a minimum of 7 business days in case there are any glitches. Of course, if you have an emergency or cannot come for some reason, your money will be refunded.

    We do NOT accept:

  • Travelers’ Checks: Travelers checks are not popular in Costa Rica. You would need to find a bank here that will cash them for you prior to your procedure. American Express lists various branches of Scotiabank as places that will cash them.
  • Personal Checks: Costa Rica banks hold personal checks for up to 30 days before they clear.
  • Cashier or Bank Checks: They are not negotiable instruments here as they are in the USA, so the banks hold them like a personal check.