Welcome to Costa Rica’s Smile Design Center

At iSmile, we start by listening. We want to know and understand what makes our patients smile. Our goal is simple…to uncover the perfect smile that we know is waiting to be discovered. We do our best to provide our patients with simple straightforward answers to their questions.

We understand that our patients have a choice of many high quality Costa Rica dentist. iSmile patients will receive our unique Digital Smile Design planning, the highest quality materials and technology and our promise of personal, attentive care offering the best dental implant prices.

iSmile Dental Services

  • Dental Implants

    Almost all dental implants last for decades with regular tooth brushing, flossing, and two visits to the dentist per year for check-ups.
    Dental Implants Costa Rica
  • Dentofacial Surgery

    Dentofacial surgery is an oral specialty that refers to a group of surgeries that are performed on the face and teeth.
  • Full Mouth Restoration – Dental Nitruos Oxide

    This is so much more than a smile makeover – a full mouth restoration gives you complete functionality and full use of your teeth.
  • Joint Replacement Surgery

    Joint replacement surgery refers to the replacement of the articular disk of the temporomandibular joint.
    Dental Procedures, Joint Replacement Surgery
  • Minor Dental Surgery

    Minor dental surgeries are routine procedures in most clinics nowadays and are considered by dentists and patients as perfectly safe.

Come to smile to the happiest country of the world


Dental Care at its Finest in Costa Rica

Dr. Dittel is recognized as the only medical professional with a double degree. Dr. Dittel is a Licensed Doctor of Medicine and Dentistry with two specialties in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and Advanced General Dentistry.

Clients from around the world come to Dr. Dittel for dental implants, full mouth reconstructions, bone grafts, maxillofacial surgery and more.

At iSmile we believe that the details make the difference. Our patients receive a truly personal dental care experience in one of the most beautiful areas of Costa Rica.

When you arrive, we’ll pick you up at the airport and will be with you through your treatment process. We’ll even ensure that you have transportation to and from every appointment.

Our goal is to provide our patients with a positive dental experience, focused on “the details”. For our international patients, we offer:

  • Complete Customer Care Program
  • Friendly, English Speaking Staff
  • Dental Appointment Scheduling
  • Travel Planning
  • Local Transportation


100% security and professionalism for your treatments

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